Thursday, February 24, 2011

Without Further Ado... Introducing Gwyndolin Fushuang

We are so incredibly thrilled and bouncing off the walls!!!  Isn't she CUTE!!!!!  We are in love!!!!!

Here is what we know...
Name:  Gan Fu Shuang
DOB: May 2, 2010
Location: Jianxin Social Welfare Institute, Jiangxi Province
She is around 17 lbs. (But, we don't know when this "measurement" was taken.  Also, it was most likely taken with a lot of clothes on.  They really bundle the babies up with layer upon layer of clothes.)
She is around 26 inches long (But, again, we don't know when this measurement was taken.)
She is a deep sleaper
She holds her head up while lying on her stomach
She can get into a sitting position by herself
She grasps toys near her hand
She can take a toy block in one hand, then take another one by using the other hand
She can locate the direction of sounds and voices
She looks for a toy if it is dropped
She visually follows a toy if it is moving
She follows people by moving her head from side to side as they move around the room
She laughs aloud
She distinguishes between acquaintances and strangers
She is active
She is fond of listening to music
She is fond of quietness (oh boy!)
She is fond of playing games
She is obstinate sometimes (haa haa)

So, these are just the "stock questions" that they "checked" for her.  We drove down to Orinda to pick up all her info and to sign papers.  After, we went out to a cute Chinese restaurant in downtown Orinda.  We showed the wait staff her pictures and the information and they were so excited for us.  They said her name means delightful/very happy.  They also looked at all the medical information and they said it was all checked "normal."  Our agency will be giving us a fully translated version of this in a few days.  We are just simply thrilled!  We feel so lucky to have been given such a wonderful gift - this beautiful child!  Now I'm off to go stare at her picture some more - I just can't stop looking at her picture.  Tomorrow, I will be making all sorts of copies.  I will also scan each individual photo and post them...

We Have A Daughter!!!!!

We got "The Call" today!!!!!!  We have a daughter.  Her birthday is May 2, 2010 which  makes her 9 months old (almost 10 months.)  Her Chinese name is Gan Fu Shuang.  She is from Jiangxi Province and is currently at the Jianxin Social Welfare Institute.  I just got done pulling the boys out of school and gassing up the truck. We are now leaving to drive to Orinda, where our adoption agency is, to sign papers and get her pictures!  We will post pictures as soon as possible!!!!  Apparently she has a lot of hair for a little one and she has chubby cheeks!!!  We can't wait!!!!!!!!!

I think I'm in LABOR!!!

We are flying so high right now!!!  People in Europe have started getting phone calls with info on their babies.  Usually the USA is a day or so behind Europe in receiving their referrals.  There are rumors that June 9th is the cut off and we are June 6th, so we are IN!  This batch is 2-3 weeks earlier than we were expecting - we love the little surprise in that!  I'm kind of lost right now.  I don't know what to do.  I've managed to make the bed and start some laundry.  I was planning on going to the gym and then off to the Apple store as Todd got me a Mac Book Pro to take with us to China and I need help setting everything up.  I am just speechless.  For the most part I am skipping around the house giggling - I'm rather giddy, but I have teared up a few times too.  Todd managed to get dressed and go to work.  It has been almost 5 years! 5 YEARS!!!  Soon we will see our baby's face for the first time.  We'll keep you posted!