Sunday, January 23, 2011

My New Bike!!!!

 Oh, look at it!!!  Isn't it beautiful.  Here is the story... Todd had been gone all week for business and just came home yesterday evening around 5pm (the day before my birthday.)  While he was gone, I got fed up with our yard and had our palm tree guy come out and tidy up our palms as well as do a big yard clean up.  I had been telling Todd when he was gone that I had a surprise waiting for him when he got home...  So, Saturday, when Todd got home, he didn't come in, he came around the back and started knocking on the window.  We all went out the back door and he briefly mentioned how excited he was about the yard, but quickly told me to stay in back.  He took the boys in the front and I waited very impatiently as I wanted to show him all I had done to the yard and it was getting dark...  Finally they came back around to get me and Todd tells me that he is ready for me to show him around.  So, I start going on and on about everything I had our palm guy do to the yard.  We make it around to the front and as I'm gabbing, I notice a nice cruiser bike parked kind of in front of our neighbor's house with a baby seat on the back.  I thought to myself, "Hmmm, I wonder who is visiting our neighbor on a bike with a baby?"  But, I was way too "into" our yard and kept gabbing away.  I didn't even notice the boys were having a hard time keeping straight faces.  Again, the bike crossed my path of vision and it dawned on me that Todd got this bike for ME for my birthday.  How sweet is that?!!!  He had over heard me talking about the 2 bikes I already have and how they kill my back and how I wished I just had a nice cruiser (with gears to get up the hills) that I could ride to Farmers Market, the park, Whole Foods etc., with our baby...  So, he went out and got this for me!  He got a nice basket too on the front that I can take off  and use to put  my veggies in when I go to market (it has a handle.)  He even had a cute little pink helmet with bunnies on it for our soon to be daughter.  How sweet is that?  I started crying and was all "girly" on him.  With as long as we have waited for our daughter, to see this bike and know that our time is coming very soon, just made it even more special and very emotional - it wasn't just a bike for my birthday - it meant/means so much more!  So, today, I was really pathetic and got out our daughter's life size Asian doll (given to her by Elyse and Janell - so sweet) put the helmet on the doll and rode around.  I didn't care what the neighbors thought.  They all know I'm a little odd I'm sure anyways!  At any rate, I am so excited about my new bike.  I can't wait to take our little one on bike rides.  Now I'm the proud owner of 3 bikes - I guess Todd and I are tied up now.  Hee Hee!  This bike will bring me a lot of pleasure!!!  Thank you honey! 

Registering at Toys R Us

Trayton and Deklan testing out an umbrella stroller - I guess is works and holds 45 pounds.

Deklan using the scanner (better known as the "gun")


So, today is my birthday and what did I want to do?  Go register at Babies R Us!  We have been celebrating my birthday for a week and a half and I was ready for something a little more low key.  All I wanted to do today was go out to lunch at a vegan restaurant and register at Babies R Us.  We took poor Kallen home after lunch because he wasn't feeling well.  But, with the help of Deklan and Trayton, we were able to get the job done!

Our Daughter's 100 Wishes Quilt

Clark and Lin
This is our daughter's 100 Wishes Quilt - so far.  A lovely woman named Dianne sewed all of these squares together.  She did a beautiful job.  In case you don't remember, each square represents a wish that someone has written for our daughter... All the wishes are in a memory book with each person's picture...  Lin is the one that will be doing the quilting portion of the quilt.  She is a lovely lady and told me that she prays when she quilts.  She told me that she would be praying for our daughter as she is quilting her quilt - WOW!  I was touched.  When our daughter's quilt is all done, I will have another picture of it with Dianne as she will also be doing the binding...  Until then...

Tahoe For A Long Weekend (40 - NO, I'm not 40 YET!)

So we went to Tahoe with some of our dearest friends last weekend.  We had such a fun time.  Two of us are turning 40 within the next couple weeks - yikes!  At any rate, this is right out the back door of our house.  Lots of sledding for the kids.  Saturday we sledded all day - except the girls and I ended up at the spa at the Ritz Carlton in the afternoon.  Sunday we went skiing.  The pictures below are of us out to dinner Saturday night.  As you can see we REALLY wore the kids out.  They were exhausted and it was only 6pm!

Matt, Lilia, and Heather

Can you say TIRED?  Deklan, Kallen, Logan

Logan, Cameron, Braedon, Trayton - TIRED!

Trish (turning 40) and Don

Trayton, Keely (turning 40) and Todd

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

Too bad Deklan lost his two front teeth a couple days after Christmas.  Maybe Santa could have brought him some then.  He actually lost three teeth in one week, so now he is Mr. Money Bags.  Perhaps Daddy could help him out with some dental implants...

The Boys Are Ready For China!

Deklan signing his passport

Trayton signing his passport

Kallen signing his passport

I apologize that I still don't know how to rotate picture...  However, OUR BOYS ARE READY FOR CHINA!  They got their passports in the mail and are ready to go get their baby sister!!!  China, please match us with our baby soon!

Santa Came To Our House

Every year, Santa makes a special stop at our house.  He always just shows up one night before Christmas to find out what the kids would like.  He also reminds them to be good as he is "watching." 

Our Tahoe "Get-A-Way."

Look at that handsome guy!  Now only if I could figure out how to rotate!
Well, Todd's mom came up and watched the boys for us for what is probably our last "alone" weekend for a while as we should be getting our baby soon.  We had such a nice time, sleeping, eating, shopping, exploring etc.  It was great too because the big tourist season hadn't started yet - nice and peaceful!

Kallen's Crab Feed

Kallen waiting tables - he got a $50 tip from one guy!!!!
Well, Kallen worked a crab feed for his school.  He had so much fun!  (I really need to figure out how to rotate pictures.  For now, you all will just have to turn your head to the side to see him.)  He did NOT want me taking his picture, but I did any ways.  MOM!  Todd, Trayton, Deklan and I all enjoyed the feast and a little goofing around!


I LOVE Halloween!  Here are our 3 monsters and 3 of their friends.  Deklan is the mummy.  Trayton is the moldy skeleton, and Kallen is the burlap "Scream" dude.  Trick or Treat!

The Cabin This Fall...

Well, it's been a while since I've updated our blog...  Here are pictures from the cabin trip in October - we even got snow.  It also rained a lot.  We didn't let ANY weather stop us from having fun!