Monday, October 3, 2011

5 Months Ago Today....

....Gwyndolin was placed in our arms!  Gosh, time has flown by.  We have been BUSY!  Sorry I haven't updated...  Things have been going great.  The boys are all back in school which makes the house really quiet during the day.  Gwyndolin is doing so well!  She is a kick in the pants and we just can't believe the miracle that has happened - how in the world did SHE come to US!!!  We are SO lucky!!!  Five months ago today, in Nanchang, China at the Jin Feng Hotel on the 10th floor in the family play room, she was placed in our arms.  We will NEVER forget that day and our journey to get her.  Yesterday, Deklan came to me and said, "I miss China!"  He couldn't really put into words what he felt, but he was feeling nostalgic and told me he missed going and getting Gwyndolin and walking all over China.  We ALL miss China and have such fond memories of our trip!  Truly amazing!

So, what is Gwyndolin up to these days?  Well she loves playing in the kitchen.  She carries my pink paisley lunch box around like a purse, she wears cookie cutters as bracelets, and she walks around with the beaters to the mixer like they are a bouquet of flowers.  She LOVES shoes and LOVES shopping and trying on clothes and shoes!  She is a girl after my own heart!  LOVE IT!  She likes having bows in her hair too.  She likes playing with her baby dolls and puts her Asian baby doll in the cradle my dad made for me when I was little.  As she places her baby in the cradle, she says, "Night night."  So cute!  She eats great - everything - well except meat - she can't stand it - which is O.K. by us.  She is talking and saying the following words - hot, up, thank you, brother, mama, papa (this is what she calls daddy,) night night, poo poo, hi, bye, bird, owe.  She is also not afraid to get messy - she likes to go outside when we are watering and walk around bare foot on the grass and get all wet.  She also likes to go splash in puddles!  She loves her brothers more than anything and when they get in the car when we pick them up from school, she leans as far forward as she can and puckers up for kisses.  So sweet!  Of course her brothers kiss her - she has them wrapped around her little finger!!!

I thought I'd just put a few pictures up for everyone to see how much she has changed.  She is getting so big and looks so much older!!!  We wish we could make time stand still...

Today, "Happy 5 Month Forever Family Day!"
Moments after being placed in my arms!  Look at how much she has  changed!!!

Today, "Happy 5 Month Forever Family Day!"

Playing with the beaters.

With her bouquet of beaters.

Sitting on Kallen's lap while he does his homework.
Reading with Deklan.

Helping Daddy move the car.

Outside washing the car.

Dang, this bucket is HEAVY!

Helping wash the car.
Going down the slide with Deklan

Going down the slide with Trayton

On the swing.

Oh, the anticipation of the SLIDE!

Gwyndolin loves to go down the slide!
Gwyndolin with her moon cake.  Celebrating the Mid Autumn Moon Festival!

Gwyndolin drinking tea we got in China from the tea set we got in China.  Celebrating the Mid Autumn Moon Festival!

Homemade Moon Cakes (more like cookies.)

Kicking back with "Jelly Cat" and "Blankie"

Feeding her babies.
Feeding her babies.