Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tahoe For A Long Weekend (40 - NO, I'm not 40 YET!)

So we went to Tahoe with some of our dearest friends last weekend.  We had such a fun time.  Two of us are turning 40 within the next couple weeks - yikes!  At any rate, this is right out the back door of our house.  Lots of sledding for the kids.  Saturday we sledded all day - except the girls and I ended up at the spa at the Ritz Carlton in the afternoon.  Sunday we went skiing.  The pictures below are of us out to dinner Saturday night.  As you can see we REALLY wore the kids out.  They were exhausted and it was only 6pm!

Matt, Lilia, and Heather

Can you say TIRED?  Deklan, Kallen, Logan

Logan, Cameron, Braedon, Trayton - TIRED!

Trish (turning 40) and Don

Trayton, Keely (turning 40) and Todd

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