Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Daughter's 100 Wishes Quilt

Clark and Lin
This is our daughter's 100 Wishes Quilt - so far.  A lovely woman named Dianne sewed all of these squares together.  She did a beautiful job.  In case you don't remember, each square represents a wish that someone has written for our daughter... All the wishes are in a memory book with each person's picture...  Lin is the one that will be doing the quilting portion of the quilt.  She is a lovely lady and told me that she prays when she quilts.  She told me that she would be praying for our daughter as she is quilting her quilt - WOW!  I was touched.  When our daughter's quilt is all done, I will have another picture of it with Dianne as she will also be doing the binding...  Until then...

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