Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Necklace I Can't Wait To Wear!!!

I treated myself to this necklace a couple months back.  It is from the Bali Collection at Brighton Collectibles. It is a sterling silver necklace with a nice chunky chain and heart clasp closure.  What's special about this necklace is it has a little picture frame on it.  When we get our referral (all the paper work and information on our baby) I will be walking around wearing this necklace proudly with a picture of OUR baby in it! (That's just the stock picture in it now.)  I just love this necklace - even the back of the picture frame is cute (bottom picture.)  I saw this necklace in a video clip of another adopting mom when she went to China to pick up her daughter.  So, I contacted her and she led me to Brighton Collectibles.  Unfortunately, they had stopped making this particular necklace a couple years back. I was so disappointed.  I told them my story and they were so nice that they called around to all of their stores and found one left at a store in Atlanta, Georgia.  The gal at the store was so excited for us and insisted that I send them a picture of me wearing it with our baby's photo in it.  She polished the necklace all up and shipped it to me.  It's a rarity to find customer service like that these days.  At any rate, when we get our referral, which we are hoping for at the end of December, I will post a picture of me wearing this necklace with pride!  I can't wait!

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