Friday, September 24, 2010

The Remodel Has Begun! And it's going FAST!

Well, we have started turning our formal dining room into a bedroom for Trayton.  We hardly ever use our formal dining room for eating.  If we have company over and eat in there everyone is always uptight and not relaxed.  The room usually had board games and LEGOS all over the table instead.  So, we sold our formal dining set and we are turning it into a bedroom for Trayton.  Trayton is giving his current bedroom to his sister so that she can be closer to Mama and Daddy.   He is SO excited about his new room!  We have taken out all the built in cabinetry/sideboard/display cupboards etc. and are putting in a closet and built in desk instead. He is getting a loft bed with a futon chair underneath that makes into a bed for sleepovers.  Yesterday, he chose his new bedding - a palm tree decor - too funny!  He wants to feel like he is on vacation - I totally get that - it's still funny to me though.  Perhaps it's time for a Hawaiian vacation?  It's been a while since we've been there.  He really wants green walls, so green walls it will be.  He also wants a plant in his room.  I told him he could have one of our large plants that use to be in the dining room, but if it is too big we will get him a nice hanging plant.  Now, I've been trying to upload pictures to show our progress but when I do, it's saying "server rejected" and I'm not quite sure why.  I'm uploading the same way I have done in the past.  I'll keep trying.  Well, I've been trying for 30 minutes...I give up for now.  I'm so bummed!


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  1. sometimes I get the very same error message from Blogger but can usually get the pics to upload if I try at a later time. Make sure your pics are not in raw form-those are too larger for Blogger to handle. jpg files usually are fine.
    Hope to see your pics soon.