Friday, March 25, 2011

A Baby Shower

My sweet sweet friends Sheri and Susan threw me a baby shower!!!  I can't even begin to tell you all how special this is to me.  It was so thoughtful of them to do this for me.  We know each other through swim team and over the years, while we waited, they were always so supportive!  The shower was so nice.  I had a lot of friends there.  The food was delicious, the cup cakes were so beautiful I didn't want to eat them, but once I did, I wanted to eat 10 of them!  They put a Chinese twist on things which was just perfect!  They had egg rolls, chop sticks, and Chinese lanterns.  They also made chocolate dipped fortune cookies!!!  Here is the amazing thing...they took the regular fortunes out and put in their own "fortunes" like "sugar and spice and everything nice," "thank heaven for little girls," "Mommy's angel," "Daddy's little girl."  How sweet is that!!!!  It was just an amazingly magical day that I can't wait to tell Gwyndolin all about when she is old enough to understand.  Here are a couple pictures...

The yummy food!

Some of my friends

Some of my friends (Karye, Me, Heather, and Brenda)
Me with all of Gwyndolin's gifts.

After the shower I realized that I didn't take nearly enough pictures...  But, here are some of the DARLING chocolate dipped fortune cookies.  Notice the little hearts!!

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  1. Those fortune cookies are FANTASTIC and so are your friends. So glad you are enjoying this time right now!