Friday, March 25, 2011

Gwyndolin's Room

O.K., so doing Gwyndolin's room has definitely been a labor of love.  Todd calls this "my super bowl."  I actually dream about flowers and things pink...  I have had so much fun creating her room.  Finally, we are done.  Here are pictures of us from the painting stage all the way through the finish...  ENJOY!

Here I am all grimey painting...

More painting!

And yet, more painging...

Shopping for shelving.  So, I couldn't reach the box I needed, so I lifted Deklan onto the shelf and told him to climb back and get it.  Bad mom, I know...  We didn't get caught though!!!

Deklan helping Daddy put the shelving together.  Deklan was very "into" helping get his baby sister's room ready!

Deklan helping Daddy.

The shelving is getting there.

Almost done!

The room!  The blanket hanging over the crib, I crocheted to coordinate with her room. (Can't wait for our next door neighbor's to move!  All the cars you see out the window are theirs.   There are cars constantly spilling of their drive way and into the neighborhood.  They move next week!  Yippie!)

The "playing house" area...  kitchen, table and baby doll cradle to the left.

The dresser area.  I found some darling flower knobs for the dresser.

You can see Gwyndolin's  Bai Jia Bei (100 wishes quilt) on the chair ready to snuggle up and read with Mama and Daddy.

It is hard to see, but that lamp is a ballerina lamp - and it is SO cute!

This is the baby doll cradle.  My dad made this cradle for me when I was a little girl.  I gave it a fresh coat of paint and made a little mattress and blanket for it.  An Asian baby doll finishes it off!  I'm so happy to have a daughter to pass all of my special things down to!!!!

A little bucket for hair bows and such as well as a place to put some of her cute shoes.  You don't even want to know how many pairs of shoes she has already!!! 

Flower hooks and her back pack.  My parents gave Gwyndolin this back pack back in 2006 - I've been waiting years to put it out and now I finally can!

The little flower wreath that hangs over her dresser.

My mom, my neice, my sister, and me.  They came to see Gwyndolin's finished room.  My mom said, "Now this is the way I remember you being Keely - very girly."


  1. Gorgeous! It turned out really great.

    I see Gwyndolin and Mia have similar taste. ;)
    Don't you just love the bookshelf and the cubbies? Perfect for a nursery. I see you changed your knobs out like I did. Makes it much more girly that way. Good job on everything. I love it!

  2. You were a huge part of my inspiration!!! Thank you so much for being willing to share your ideas with me!!!

  3. Just beautiful! I love the doesn't happen to be "Rainwashed" (Sherwin Williams) does it? I considered that myself.

    Everything is perfect.

    I've missed keeping up with you. I asked RQ to put me in the May06LID room not realizing you couldn't be in 2. I miss the June room!

  4. So precious Ziggy! I just love seeing the photos of Gwyndolin's room. What an inspiration for those of still waiting. I have so much work to do!


  5. LOVE it! It is perfect and totally shows how excited you all are for this little girl! Yay!!

  6. What a beautiful room! Good luck in your journey to China to get your sweet little girl!