Friday, March 25, 2011

The Car Seat!!!!

O.K., so it's the little things that really make things REAL like going and getting a car seat.  A couple days ago, I went down to Goore's and bought a car seat and a stroller...  So, now I am driving around with an extra car seat in the car for a BABY!!!  I smile every time I get in the car.  AND, I was excited to buy a car seat and stroller!  I got a very nice jogger stroller that works well around the mall too.  So, at Goore's they install the car seats for you which is great.  Walt is the guy that installed Gwyndolin's car seat and he TOTALLY humored me and let me take his picture while he was installing the car seat.  I had to explain to him that this was extremely exciting for me as we have waited over 5 years...  He was a swell sport!  Here is Walt...

Walt installing Gwyndolin's car seat.


  1. Keely, I smile every time I see my car seat too! I see yours is facing backwards. We need to change ours as they are now recommending up to 2 years old face backward.

  2. Oh my! This post gave me goosebumps, Ziggy! I can't stop smiling for you. And I can't wait to see photos of Gwyndolin in that car seat!