Friday, March 25, 2011

Our Silly Boys!

Deklan and Kallen playing tea party in Gwyndolin's room.

Look at that happy boy!

The boys playing dress up.  They tried to put EVERYTHING on in the dress up box.  I see a little pirate, a little Buzz Lightyear, a little Santa Clause, a little sailor man, a little cow boy......  It's amazing what happens when you turn off your cable and don't let them play video games!!!!

Deklan acting cool in his dress up garb.

Deklan fell asleep on his way to hip hop.  Love the foot.  "Go ahead, make yourself comfortable there!"

Well, I guess silliness runs in the family.  I have a balloon under my shirt - pretending to be pregers...

Gosh, I LOVE our boys!  They are simply the neatest kids around!  I love to watch them play together and be silly!  They are just the best of friends too!  Here are some photos of our boys being silly...

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  1. It looks like a lot of laughs! Her room looks adorable too. You must post more pics of it.