Friday, March 25, 2011

A Care Package for Gwyndolin

After we received our referral, we decided it would be nice to send Gwyndolin a little care package.  We sent her a little lamb "lovie," a colorful butterfly toy that "crinkles," a mini photo album with pictures of our family in it (and the cats,) as well as 2 disposable cameras that we are hoping the nannies at her orphanage will use to take photos of her for us.  We hope to get these cameras back when we travel to China.  For the other children in the orphanage, we sent some socks and warm winter hats and tootsie pops.  For the nannies and orphanage director, we sent a bunch of Jelly Bellys as well as some lavender sachets.  The package should be arriving any day now in China!!!

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