Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 15 - Hong Kong

Well, we all slept in this morning which is nice!  It was so nice to wake up and know that we were in Hong Kong and that things would be just a little bit easier here (more English speaking and western comforts.)  We had breakfast at our hotel and then headed out for our day.  We walked to the Fairy terminal and took it across to the other side of HK.  Then, we took a bus to Aberdeen Harbor.  We took a sampan boat on a little tour around the harbor.  It was just like we had remembered it when Todd and I were here in 1998.  It was fun to show the kids where we had been.  We saw many house boats and fishing boats.  We saw the ice delivery boat, a food/restaurant boat that would stop at the fishing boats and give them lunch, we saw the garbage boat, police boat and fire boat.  It is like a little city.  The kids got a kick out of seeing people's pet dogs and cats on their boats.  Our boat driver dropped us off at the Jumbo restaurant where we had a lunch of dim sum and it was wonderful!  They had fun drinking their tea too like Grandma Nan has shown them with their pinky finger up in the air.  After lunch (which was at more like 2:30) we took the bus back to the fairy area and sent back to our hotel.  Kallen and I then made our way by taxi back to the train station as we had left a Chinese embroidered picture on the train last night.  Our hotel was nice enough to call the station and organize things for us so all we had to do was go and pick it up.  This evening, we went out and got Haagen Daz icecream bars and then came back and ordered room service.  A little backwards, but that's what vacation is for.  Gwyndolin is doing great still.  She is a happy little girl!  She has a ton of energy and is a little wiggle worm.  She will have no problem keeping up with the boys!  Tonight when I tucked the boys into bed, I noticed Trayton felt hot.  Now, he has a fever.  He was only 100.8, but with as high as the other boys had gotten, I gave him a hefty dose of Motrin.  Hopefully we can keep him comfortable on the plane ride home.  I also hope our own home country won't give us grief if he is running a fever when we go through immigration.  I will be "on top of it" though!  So, this is our last post from China.  Thank you for all the support you have given us over the last few weeks!  We love you all!

Here are some pictures of our last day...

We watched this cruise ship go by this morning from our room.

Trayton on the ferry.

Deklan and Todd on the ferry.

Gwyndolin and I on the ferry.  She is asleep.

Our family

Aberdeen Harbor

Kallen on the sampan boat in Aberdeen Harbor.

A dry dock - Aberdeen Harbor

Gwyndolin being wiggly on the sampan - Aberdeen Harbor

The garbage boat.  It goes around and fishes garbage up out of the harbor.  There is a $10,000 (HK dollar) fine and 6 months imprisonment if you litter.  

A house boat.

A dog on a house boat.

Our family on the sampan in front of the Jumbo Restaurant.

Gwyndolin, Todd and I infront of the Jumbo Restaurant.

The boys in front of the Jumbo Restaurant.

Gwyndolin having lunch at the Jumbo Restaurant.

Trayton enjoying his tea at the Jumbo.

Kallen modeling his perfect tea form at the Jumbo.

Kallen and I - Jumbo.

Trayton at the Jumbo.

Deklan enjoying his tea at the Jumbo.


  1. I have been praying and will continue to pray as you finish up your travels. Even though things didn't work according to plan - having to pay for trains and hotels that you didn't use - I'm sure there was a reason God had you stay put! (maybe some extra recoup time for sick kiddos?) Anyways........we will be happy to have you all back safe and sound in the USA soon!!
    Hugs to all!
    Much love,

  2. Have a safe trip back home. I am inspired reading your blog - you have managed the stressors so well. Take care!


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  4. Hi everyone,

    I am figuring you are home by now. Hope the flight home was good and that fever didn't get in the way! Thanks for sharing your adventures in China.