Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 3 - Beijing/Nanchang

Well, today we slept in until 7am!!!  We still find ourselves waking up sometime between 2am - 4am and having a hard time getting back to sleep.  Today was rather uneventful comparatively speaking.  The highlight was Kallen getting a haircut.  We ran out of time before we left to get him a trim and Todd and I both could not stand his shaggy doo any longer, so we took him to get it cut.  I did the best I could with my hand motions to show that I wanted them to just take 1/2 inch off, but they decided to put their own Chinese flair on it.  They kept it long on top, but then in the back, they've cut it shorter except at the bottom where they let it curl up a little.  He was a trooper!  We still have 2 weeks here to let it grow a little and when we get home, I'll take him in to have it shaped up a little.

We also flew to Nanchang today.  It was a VERY long journey!  Instead of landing in Nanchang right away, we landed in Hefei (sp?) and waited there on the tarmac for 1 1/2 hours.  Apparently there was bad weather in Nanchang and we had to wait for it to change for a little bit. We didn't get settled in our hotel until about 11:30 - ugh.  (I'm actually writing this the day after.)  When we arrived it was raining.  The boys did great but were very tired.  We had snacks on the plane, but that was it.  By the time we were at the hotel, we were exhausted and so we ate crackers, peanut butter, chicken salad, and dried mango for dinner - well except Deklan - he slept through "dinner."

Here are a couple pictures from the day...  BTW- Not sure why these loaded side ways, but I'm too tired to fuss with it...

Kallen having his hair shampooed

For all our dentist, periodontist, oral surgeon friends.... This cute tooth was outside a neighborhood dentist in Beijing.

THE cut.

Getting THE cut.

Our plane that flew us to Nanchang

The boys on the flight to Nanchang.

Todd and I on the flight to Nanchang

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