Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 4 - Nanchang WE HAVE GWYNDOLIN!!!

Well, it was nice to wake up to a city that actually FELT like China.  Beijing was so modern and clean that we didn't really feel like we were in China.  Nanchang is the real thing and it is just awesome to be here!  Nanchang reminds us of Korea A LOT!  We woke up today and went down and had breakfast at our hotel buffet.  The buffet has pretty much anything you would want.  After breakfast, we walked to the store to get some water.  Next, we went up to the room to try and get organized a little.  At this point I was starting to get nervous and excited!  Todd was as smooth as butter!  At 9:30, we met Chris, our China Coordinator and he took us to the bank where we exchanged money for all of our adoption fees and expenses.  By the time we got back, we only had about 10 minutes before the babies were due to arrive!!!!  We went up to our floor where there is a nice sitting area and waited for the babies.  (There is another family here with us.)  Right on time, the babies arrived!  It was so surreal words simply can not describe it.  They handed Gwyndolin to us and it was just awesome!!!  She fussed a little bit but not much.  She would fuss whenever things got a little too much for her - like everyone wanting to talk to her at the same time or show her toys all at the same time.  We had a chance to ask questions to the orphanage director which was nice.  We got back all the things that we sent Gwyndolin in her care package.  We can not wait to develop the pictures from the little disposable camera we sent!  After our initial meeting time and receiving Gwyndolin, we took her back to the room and put a diaper on her.  (She came with split pants on.  The Chinese train their babies to use a potty very early on.  They don't put them in diapers, they just simply have them in split pants and the babies just sit on the potty frequently through out the day.  It's really funny to walk down the street and see all these little babies bums hanging out.)  We also made her a bottle and then got ready to have lunch.  To keep things simple, we ate lunch in the hotel.  Gwyndolin had a total BLAST!  She loves to eat too.  She had some fried rice as well as some congee (rice porridge.)  I also brought some vegetable puffs and she LOVED those too! She had so much fun at lunch.  It was really amazing to think that this was more than likely the very first time she had ever eaten at a restaurant.  After lunch, we had to go and pay all our fees as well as have visa and passport pictures taken for Gwyndolin.  We also had to have some things notarized.  For these appointments, we took a bus around to each place we had to go.  Gwyndolin LOVED the bus ride and just stared out the window.  She is a happy little girl.  We have gotten many smiles out of her.  She will go to either Todd or me.  The boys have held her too and sometimes she does O.K., and other times, she just will not have it.  She loves the boys however and they LOVE her!  It's really amazing to see these whole new persons evolve from the boys' little spirits.  They are so sweet with her.  I was having a conversation with Deklan about how he is a big brother now and he said, "I think I'm doing pretty good for my first day."  So sweet!  After all our appointments, we ate dinner at our hotel again.  (We will eat out more tomorrow, but today was so busy, that we didn't have time to venture out.)  After dinner we came back up to the room and played a little.  We gave Gwyndolin a bath and she doesn't like having her hair washed.  She went to sleep so easily too!  She just started looking really tired, so we just laid her down in her crib and she just went right to sleep - no fussing at all.  We will see how long this lasts.  She sucks her thumb, so maybe that helps.  So, we had just a lovely day and we are IN LOVE!  Gwyndolin has such a cute personality.  She babbles and is interested in everything.  She has the best smiles and they just melt your heart.  Tomorrow and Thursday our China Coordinator is taking us to see some local Buddhist Temples and such and we are very excited to see some of the history here in Nanchang.  Here are some pictures from our day....

Our last photo as a family of 5.

This little crib, the hotel had waiting for us in our room when we checked in last night.  We put the toys and blankets in it.

Our first glimpse of Gwyndolin!

The "hand over."

Mama and Gwyndolin

Mama, Daddy and Gwyndolin

I just LOVE this pictures.  Gwyndolin checking out her brothers.

Mama and Gwyndolin

Daddy and Gwyndolin - you can see the beginning of a smile there - she is looking at her brothers.

Daddy and Gwyndolin

Deklan holding Gwyndolin for the first time!

Trayton holding Gwyndolin for the first time.

Kallen holding Gwyndolin for the first time.  At this point, she was tired of being passed around.

Our family with the orphanage staff.

Gwyndolin at lunch.

Gwyndolin having fun at lunch.  Notice the clip in her hair.  That went in her hair the minutes we got back in our room!   Such fun!

Deklan holding Gwyndolin at lunch.  Gwyndolin eating puffs.

Gwyndolin with Daddy at lunch

At one of our official meetings of the day.

Todd finger printing by his signature.

Me, finger printing by my signature.

She finally took a little nap!

First bath with her new family.

Bath time.


  1. Thrilled for your family!!

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!! So, So happy for you all!
    (and this is Tiffany, not Jack!)

  3. Thanks for sharing. Your daughter is absolutely adorable.

    We should be getting our referral in the next batch as we are LID 06/22/06.

  4. She is so cute! We have a little girl waiting for us in Jiangxi too. It's so exciting to watch others travel! I looked back several posts, and I just wanted to say that her room is beautiful!!!! Have a wonderful trip.

  5. This is so good to see. You finally have your girl!! I'm so happy for you. She looks just beautiful, too. Such a pretty smile.

  6. Congratulations!!! Seriously, she's beautiful!! What a perfect little face. Soooo stinkin' cute. Love following your blog (favorite post, ironing the money!!!!). Have fun and enjoy your precious baby girl!


  7. Oh I am just crying!!! SO SO SO SO HAPPY FOR YOUR FAMILY!!! What a long wait for such a sweet little girl! She is so beautiful - what an amazing gift! I bet you want to love and kiss on her constantly!
    Love to you all!

  8. So, so happy for you and your family!! It is wonderful to finally see her in your arms. You just made my day!


  9. So very happy for you all! She is absolutely perfect (just like your other kids (: ) Not sure how you all managed to not cry in those pics, I am crying 10,000 miles away!!
    I can't wait to meet her :D

  10. How exciting for you guys! Especially for how long you have waited for her:) She is adorable!

  11. FABULOUS!!!!! Love her long hair.

  12. I've been checking your blog daily for this post! I'm so happy for your family! Congratulations! :)


  13. She is too precious for words, and you can tell she loves her brothers so much already! This made me tear up - so amazing and remembering our own day meeting our girl - it brings it all back. Congrats!

  14. YAY!! She's so beautiful and looks so healthy and good-natured. I see you're at the Jin Feng, we really enjoyed our stay in Nanchang way back in 2008. Hope you have a view of the pagoda, it's so pretty!

    Congratulations to your family of 6!

  15. she is so cute ! Congratulations to your family. The lady with the glasses, is the lady who placed our Lilly in our arms nearly 4 years ago !
    Enjoy your time in Nanchang.
    Isabelle (from RQ)

  16. So happy for you! She looks perfect and such a wonderfully smooth first day.

  17. Fantastic Family Day! I love the hair clip--too precious for words!
    Congrats--what a beautiful addition to your family!
    Looking forward to reading more about your journey!

  18. Ahhh Congratulations! Family of six! She is beautiful and you all look so happy. How nice to have had a smooth transition. Cant wait to see her blossom even more as the days and weeks go by!
    LID 7/6/06

  19. I am pouring out the tears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!! She is just the most beautiful little girl EVER!!!! Keely how you and your family have waited so long for this day...and here she is...in your arms!!!! I have enjoyed your journey and all the pictures!!!! She is just precious and I am just beside myself with joy for you!!! I love her name!!!! I love you!!!! This is a great and amazing day for sure!!!!

  20. Thanks for sharing your pics!!!! Keep 'em coming!!!! Can't wait to see more!

    ziegsma from RQ

  21. wow - congratulations and thanks for sharing your wonderful journey. sounds like a perfect handover and so thrilled that Gwyndolin has settled well into your wonderful family. Enjoy the rest of your time in China. Safe travels, Pony