Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 6 - Nanchang

So, what's new?  Nothing really, but here is a run down of what we have done...  Last night, we went for a little walk down a small street which was fun.  There were chickens walking around which was fun to see. It's funny because here, even though you are on a sidewalk, you have to be very careful because the bikes and scooters use the sidewalks too - and there are a lot of them.  It's hard to go for a leisurely stroll when you have to be so alert.  We really like Nanchang and the authenticity that it has!  For dinner last night we went out to a restaurant in the little neighborhood.  I came armed with my note pad had words on it that I could point to like "I don't eat meat," "plain white rice," "noodles" all written in Chinese.  Having this note pad is invaluable!

This morning, we had to go to the police station to hurry them along on getting Gwyndolin's passport ready.  Monday was a holiday, so they have a shorter work week, so Chris (our China coordinator) is trying to light a fire under them to get it rushed.  After that, we went back to the notary and checked our documents to make sure they were correct.  After all the "business" was taken care of, we went and toured a Taoist Temple Museum.  It was beautiful and peaceful!  Todd and I consider ourselves fairly well read when it comes to Chinese history, but we are still amazed at all the things we are seeing!

The boys are doing fine.  They are such troopers!  It is so fun to watch them with Gwyndolin!  Deklan is always wanting to sit next to her at meals.  Trayton and his gentle soul is so sweet and tender with her and loves to sit and play with her.  Kallen is a huge help and will hold her for a minute if we need him to.  They have all been really helpful carrying things and such.  They were bummed because the swimming pool at our hotel is under renovation, so there isn't really anywhere for them to burn up some energy - other than site seeing...  At our next hotel there is roof top pool though, so that should be good.

Gwyndolin is doing very well still.  We realize that the "honeymoon" could be over at any moment as babies grieve at different stages.  She will sometimes get a puzzled look on her face as if she is thinking to herself, "Who are you?" but that is about it.  Today at lunch the waitresses made her cry - all they did was look at her.  But, really, she is doing well.  We are working on getting her to drink water and her bottles.  She isn't really drinking full bottles.  She usually drinks about 1/3 to 1/2 and then she is done.  It's hard to get them in her too - same with the water.  Early this morning she was really wrestles, so we picked her up and she had a fever.  We gave her a bottle and she sucked it down as well as a bunch of water and within 10 minutes, her temp was normal.  Today she has done much better with her water drinking.  She likes to try food.  One day she will like one thing and then the next day she won't want it - typical baby stuff.  Here is the most interesting thing of the day...  So, when the orphanage people gave us Gwyndolin, they told us to put her on the toilet before bed because if we didn't they said she would wet the bed.  I thought to myself - "Yah, well, she can wet the bed - she is a baby and will have a diaper on."  Two days later (today at lunch) she seemed like she was trying to have a BM and was struggling...this had happened earlier in the day too, so I took her up to our room and put her on the potty and guess what... yes, you guessed, she went poop and pee on the toilet.  She knew exactly what to do. She is a little plugged up, if you know what I mean - probably from the change in diet, as we are letting her eat whatever, so I broke out the baby food prunes to see if they will help.  I guess I will be getting the potty seat out...  Kind of weird though because she isn't walking.  We aren't sure if she can crawl as she always wants to be held, but she is strong and even if she isn't it won't be long.

We feel so incredibly blessed/lucky/ like we won the lottery with her!  She is so perfect for our family.  Deklan actually said, "she is perfect for us" the other day.  She has some spunk and likes to talk.  She loves watching the koi in the lobby.  She is in such great shape physically and so far she is doing well in the emotional department - still waiting for the melt down though of her realizing that she isn't on vacation and that she won't be going back to her orphanage.  She wants to be held all the time or be very close to you if she is sitting and playing.  You kind of have to put her between your legs if she is sitting on the floor with her back touching your stomach otherwise she will cry.  She is just a joy.  This morning we showed her how to wave by opening and closing your hand and so now she will do that.  Oh, and her hair is very thick and coarse.  Usually Chinese people will either have soft thin and fine hair, or thick and coarse hair and Gwyndolin definitely has the later.  It's perfect for hair for clips and such!  :-)

Tomorrow, we fly to Guangzhou where the US Consulate is.  I am SO not looking forward to packing everything up again appropriately so we can get through security.  It's especially hard with all the baby things now - bottles, diapers, wipes, snacks, etc.  Our flight leaves at 2:00pm and it is a 1 1/2 hour flight, so depending on when we get settled, I may or may not have time to update tomorrow - Mom don't worry.  We just hope our flight doesn't get diverted to a different airport only to sit on a tarmac like our last flight... It should be fine though...

Here are some pictures from today...

Me and Gwyndolin

The police office where we went to "hurry them along."  That is our China Coordinator Chris talking to the guard.

Walmart even in China - BARF!  Having said that, we may have to visit one to get more diapers and wipes.

Our family of 6 at the Taoist Temple

Trayton in one of the courtyards of the Taoist Temple.

Gwyndolin sleeping while we toured the Taoist Temple

The boys pretending to be three really smart monks.

Me and Gwyndolin (sleeping)

Deklan in a courtyard at the Taoist Temple

The boys with Chris, our China Coordinator, at the Taoist Temple

Grounds of the Taoist Temple

Our family of 6 at the Taoist Temple

Taoist Temple bridge - this bridge is 600 years old - AMAZING!


  1. When we brought our daughter home - she was "potty trained" (before she was a year old). She had a hard time with diapers. She would get so constipated, but when we realized it wasn't the food, or the change, but the diaper itself (once we started trying the potty everyday a couple times a day) it all went much smoother for us. Good luck!

  2. Wow!! The whole potty training thing so young is amazing! I suppose it stands to reason that is what she is used to doing - so it would be a major change in her regular routine to have a diaper. Poor girlie was just holding it and waiting for that potty! :)
    I've been wondering how long the "Babymoon" time typically lasts for adoptions.....guess time will tell. And it really doesn't seem like you will have any attachment issues with her either........she looks like such a little lovey! I loved what Deklan said about how she was perfect for your family. Write that down and frame it for her bedroom or put it in her Baby Book. Oooooh just kiss her for me!
    Thinking of you guys and watching for each update! Travel safely!
    Love, Heather

  3. Enjoying all of your updates and glad things are going so well.

    We really loved Guangzhou and Shamian Island.

  4. Loving all the updates and info...especially since I'll be in Nanchang in a couple weeks. Gwyndolin is just a beauty. I love all her hair!!

  5. Hi Keely! Happy Mother's Day! I've been reading each of your blogs each day. I'm so glad that you are all safe, that you have Gwyndolyn with you, and that you are all having a great time! When you say "Mom, don't worry", I laugh because I've told my own mom that more times than I'll ever be able to count, and each time, without fail, she worries about me in some way, shape, or form! I don't think any mom ever quits worrying about her kids, even when they're grown! Anyway, I'm still praying lots for you. In fact, I spent Mother's Day with my mom in Auburn, and when we went to church today, there were folks selling roses after mass for $5, the proceeds going toward the Sacramento Life Center. They were also just simply taking donations if you didn't want a rose. I made a donation in your name to celebrate Gwyndolyn finally joining your family. So, just know that I'm thinking about you and your family, and I'm still praying for all of you. Take care and thanks for keeping us posted. :)