Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 5 - Nanchang

Today has been a day without any "business" to tend to which has been nice.  Our China Coordinator, Chris, took us to see two temples.  It was nice to get out and see Nanchang a little!  We really like Nanchang!  The temples were beautiful.  One of the temples had a special ceremony going on today where people were coming to talk with people that have passed away.  It was neat to see the celebration/ceremony.  The other temple was out on a peninsula of a lake.  It was very peaceful there.  I have posted pictures of our day below.

Gwyndolin is doing just beautifully!  She is such a sweet baby!  She is very playful and she likes to babble.  She loves to copy mouth movements.  She likes to open her mouth and then close it really quick.  She also likes to imitate kissing sounds.  We love her so much!  The last 29 hours of our lives have been very surreal.  I hope that I never forget the scent of Gwyndolin that first day before we bathed her.  She had a very distinctive scent - probably from the shampoo or soap they used to bathe her before they gave her to us.  I know if I ever come across that scent again, I will probably just cry!  This is such a special time!  Well I'm typing this one handed with a wiggly baby on my lap, so I'm going to get to posting those pictures....  Thanks for all the congratulations!

Good Morning Gwyndolin!

The kids playing in the morning.

Our family (Gwyndolin was asleep)

Daddy and Gwyndolin on the bus.

Daddy and Gwyndolin


The Boys

Gwyndolin sucking her thumb.


  1. She is precious! Loving the photos! Love the one of the boys on the bed playing with her!!!

  2. Congratulations!!! What a beautiful little girl and it looks like she is doing so well! Can't wait to meet her!

  3. The picture of the kids playing together on the bed is just beyond precious. Those are the moments that mommies (and daddies) live for, right?
    And thanks for sharing about special details (her scent when you got her) it's so amazing to have those moments! Again, I am crying...sniffle..sniff. But only happy, happy tears! :)
    Love, Heather

  4. Thank you for posting your journey and photos...I look forward each day to your updates! Gwyndolin is just precious and looks completely happy! She must adore the boys...and vice versa. Hope you can "slow down" this part of your journey so you can really savor and remember all of the details....they're so fleeting. Keep taking LOTS of photos...they are wonderful! xoxoxo, Judy

  5. You's so AWESOME to see her fitting right in!!! Congratulations!! She's so lucky to be part of such a wonderful family. I wanted to post yesterday when I was checking on your website but then I didn't get a chance to. Sorry.. Though I guess yesterday for us was already Wednesday for you guys. She is TOOOO CUUUUTE!!!! I love her in her cow outfit on the bed!!

    Glad to see you guys are enjoying China.. funny that you guys actually prefer the less modern China, like Beijing... Me.. not so much into the squat toilets... ;) Have a great time!!

    jen pao :)

  6. oops, not cow, dalmatian... saw it on the iPhone earlier, a bit small. but just love how she looks so comfy!! :)

  7. I love the picture of her in her jammies, so cozy and cuddly. Glad things are going well.