Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ironing Money

Well, yesterday, I finished ironing the wad of money we need to take with us.  I thought it was a funny site to see - me ironing money.  This is after a good couple of days being so tired, excited, anxious, running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  Why am I ironing the money???  Good question!  China has a big problem with counterfeit USA currency so they are very particular about their money.  It must be in "like new" condition, no nicks, no ink mark of any kind, and it is best to have 2006 and newer to be on the safe side.  I went to probably 10 banks to get the best money in our town...  So, to crisp them up and get some creases out, I got the iron out and ironed away...

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  1. Only someone waiting for 5 years to adopt from China would think this upon reading your ironing post, "oh, ironing the money, what a great idea!" Now I am just LMAO. Thanks for sharing the photo! Hilarious.

    Can't wait to follow you on this AMAZING trip!
    LID 7/6/06