Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We left today!!!!

Well, that last walk through the house was very surreal as the next time we set foot in our home, we will have a BABY!!!!!!!  The kids went to school today and Todd and I finished all the packing and getting everything in order to leave.  We have quite a bit of room left in our suitcases which is good!  We do have a lot of luggage though!  We have 5 big suitcases, 5 rolling carry on suitcases, and 5 backpacks.  You need a visual???  Here you go...

Our bags...

Some interesting things happened on our way down to SF.   Some of you know that I wear Gwyndolin's referral photo on a necklace - all the time, and of course I had this necklace on today.  Well, at dinner one of the restaurant workers looked at our family and looked at my necklace and then at me and had this really puzzled look on her face and she said, "Where is your baby?"  I was so excited she posed the question like that!!!  I have had hundreds of comments on my necklace, but it's usually just the standard, "what a pretty necklace."  But, this lady wanted to know WHERE MY BABY WAS!  I was thrilled to tell her that we are flying out tomorrow to go get her.  The gal was just so sweet and wished us luck as we left.

Second interesting we were driving by the airport on our way to our hotel, I saw a tourist bus and it just so happened that all the people on the bus were Asian.  Then I took a closer look and saw that their guide was actually talking with a microphone and pointing out the sights.  So, I pointed out the tour bus to the kids.  Well right then, the tour guide started to wave to us so all 5 of us started waving back.  In a blink of an eye, all the people on the bus were on the side of the bus closest to us and they were either waving frantically to us, or taking pictures of us!!  Haa Haa!  It was so funny!  It felt like we were the first white people they had seen!  If they only knew we were heading to China... Now, we have prepared the boys that we will probably attract a lot of attention while in China and that people may take our picture...  So, after the whole tour bus incident, Trayton asked, "is this what it's going to be like in China?"  We got a good laugh out of this!  

I'm signing off for the night.  The next post will come to you from CHINA!!!!!
Can't wait!


  1. YAY! is Marcia going to be your tour guide?
    Have fun, it's a crazy few weeks there in China :)

  2. Woo hoo -- you're on your way!

    I'll be following along...

    TB (from RQ)