Sunday, April 24, 2011


Well, Gwydolin's room doesn't look as cute with suitcases and things all over it...  Today, we did the bulk of the packing.  All we need are last minute things like toothbrushes and such!  Much to our surprise, all of our suitcases are under 30 lbs. and still have room in them!  We needed to stay under 44lbs. and we did it with ease.  Granted we are bring 5 large suitcases, and 5 smaller rolling carry on size suitcases and then we will each have a backpack as our "personal item."  We are thrilled we still have room as we won't have to worry about buying things and then trying to find room for them.  A lot of the things we will "use up" too like diapers and food.  We are bringing nuts, dried fruit, trail mix, crackers, oatmeal, soup packets, prepared chicken salad, pancake mix and syrup (we have an apartment in Beijing.)  Oh, this is such a huge weight lifted off of me!  Today, I also ironed money - yep MONEY!  China is very selective of the bills they will exchange because there is a huge problem with counterfeit money.  All bills should be clean with no ink mark at all, no nicks or tears, minimal fold marks, and it's best to have series 2006 or newer... so I had to iron some of the folds out today.  They look great now!

The mess.  I feel like for the last 6 weeks or so, I have been just dump things in here.

The mess from another angle.

We're getting a little more organized at this point.  Kallen was a HUGE help with the packing!

Todd trying to figure our the Ergo Baby Carrier.

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  1. hold off and wait to do laundry when you leave nanchang. it is very expensive here and super cheep at your next stop.