Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shopping For Suitcases

We have suitcases - yes we do - enough for a NORMAL vacation.  Normally we don't have the kids each have a very large rolling suitcase, but since we will be going to China for over 2 1/2 weeks and they are going to have to be in charge of their own bags, we thought it might be necessary for them each to have a big suitcase.  Our requirements for suitcases are that they must be LIGHT as we are only allowed 44 lbs. per piece of luggage which includes the weight of the suitcase as well as the things inside it.  (Side note: international flights do allow more weight but because we will be flying within China too, we must follow the rules of the domestic China flights) Much to our happiness, the lightest suitcases we could find were super cheep!  They will probably fall apart, but as long as they make it through this trip we are A O.K.  Here are some pictures of the boys picking out their suitcases...

Deklan checking the weight of the suitcase with our special suitcase scale.

Pack those puppies boys and lets GO!

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  1. at welmart they sell straps for the keep them closed and identify them in an exhaused fatigue. buy here as they are about $20 each in china. get the most obnixious(sp) ones you can find and have them match...never know if the suitcase will hold. plan to pull the two little kiddos about half way through the trip. it gets old and they get TIRED!!! you are gonna have soooo much FUN!