Sunday, April 24, 2011

Oh, the Medications....

Just SOME of the medication we are bringing.

Well, I feel like a pharmacist or something.  We have one whole rolling carry on piece of luggage filled with medicine.  We have medication for everything!  Each of us have 2 different antibiotics (one for stomach bugs and the other for things like ear infections, cuts, or bronchitis.)  We also have allergy medicine, imodium, all kinds of bandages and butterflies, pedialite, benadryl, melatonin, tylenol, ibuprofen, cough drops, nyquil, tamiflu - oh and the list goes on.  Hopefully we are prepared for anything that may come our way!  I sure hope we don't get sick though!!!  I figure that since I spent hundreds of dollars on all of this we won't use it - it usually works out that way.  I sure hope Murphy's Law works this time!

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